The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Kwentun Elizabeth Alicezandria 'Wanderer' Denali

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Kwentun Gigandet

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PostSubject: Kwentun Elizabeth Alicezandria 'Wanderer' Denali   Sat May 08, 2010 12:47 pm

Your Lighter Half

Name or Alias: Bri Bri

Experience 6+ years

Your Darker Half

Name: Kwentun Elizabeth Alicezandria Gigandet
Alias: Wanderer or Wanda

Age: 1,000 years old but looks to be in her early 20's

Race: Half breed -Vampire/ witch.

Role: The rich Drug lord.

Appearance: Kwentun's hair flows in dark wavy locks of brown ending just above her bust. Her dark brown eyes popp with the outline of black eyeliner and thick mascara. She's at 5 foot 7 inches, and has curves in just the right spots. She dresses to die for, always wearing something that shows skin off.

Personality: She has an attitude most of the time, but underneath she does have a heart though no one gets the chance to see it. If no one gets close she can't get hurt and that is how she prefers it. She has the perfect business woman air to her and when she walks in a room to do business no man dares to challenge her authority. But should you ever get beneath her ice shell you would find an interesting woman with a slight romantic side...and a true friend. But should you give her reason to regret letting you in you had pray for mercy from God, because none will come from her

Bio: Kwentun was born in Chicago IL. She is unsure of her Mortal past, it's a big blur to her. She has done some research, but always came up empty handed, she did one day find out what her parents names, but nothing after that. It was as if her family fell of the face of the earth. She decided to use her money and power to get what she wanted most, to find out about her human life. She found out that they had also been turned into vampires from the attackers and also Moore had captured her parents. Until this day she doesn't know if they are alive or dead. Ever since she found out she's had flash backs of that life and now remembers it all. She owns a nigh club in Miami called the Last eclipse.

Short Rp: The black haired man reached into his pocket pulling a piece of paper out, he eyed the address on the building, and then the paper and back, shaking his head, and shoving the now crumpled paper back into his pocket he walked into the building. The music hit his ears the second he opened the door, he raised a brow as he looked around, there were tables throughout the room, and the dance floor was empty, he walked to the bar once he spotted it. “Erm...E...Excuse me, I’m looking for Wanda.”

He had walked into a night club that was supposed to be run by a Vampire, one of the richest immortals that ever lived, not the richest but one. He looked around the room at all the tables, people were chatting amongst themselves, and then he noticed the music had stopped playing at the mention of the name, the bar tender nodded indicating it was okay and the music started up again, 100 monkeys was the name of the band, they were a classical group. The bartender threw the towel he was drying his hands on over his shoulder. “Why don’t you take a seat” He turned around grabbing two shot glasses and a bottle of Jack Daniels, “Why are you looking for the Miss?” he asked handing the man the shot, and downing the other one himself.

The man grabbed the shot and drank it before answering, then traced the brim of his glass, “I was told I could find her here. I have a bit of business with her.”

The bartender looked him up and down, “Let me see what I can do.” He poured another shot for the man, and nodded his head, then went to cleaning his glasses.

The man hadn’t noticed the key board player had left the stage while the rest of his band continued to play. He waited impatiently for the bartender to go see what he could do, but never left, he cleared his throat, “I uh... Thought you were going to see what you…” He stopped when he saw a woman with black hair take a seat next to him. He looked her up and down, she was wearing blue skinny jeans, and a black shirt that pushed her bust up, and clung tightly around her stomach, then flared out at the bottom. He hadn’t heard her approach him, and he wondered why, she had been wearing high heels. “Are you Wanda?”

The women smiled, and took a drink from the glass that was just placed in front of her, “Please call me Alice.” She extended her hand, “You must be Talan I presume?”

Talan nodded, “I am.” He looked around, “What was the point of meeting here?”

Alicesme stood up, “Please, join me at my table.” She motioned to a secluded table in the corner. Talan nodded and followed her. He waited for her to take her seat before he slid into the booth himself. “The point of meeting here is because it’s my club, and I feel safer here rather than out in public.” She eyed the bartender as sat the drinks down and then walked away. “Do you have any leads?”

“The last I heard, he was spotted at his suburban home and he hasn’t left since, my men are watching his house.”

Alicesme nodded, “I don’t want them to do anything until I have a chance to talk to him.”

“But Miss…”

Alicesme put her hand up stopping him, “I do not wish to be called Miss by you, I ask you to call me Alice, or we will get off on bad terms.”

Talan nodded, “But Alice, if there is a need?”

She raised a brow, “If there is a need, you will shoot him, but not kill him.”

“Understood.” Talan watched the bad before he spoke again, “I will inform my men as soon as they contact me again.”

Alice watched Talan carefully, he was one of the best Vampire trackers there was in the world, he was highly recommended by one of her fellow drug lords. She smirked, turning her eyes to the key board player who was now playing the guitar and singing, “Do not make me regret hiring you Talan, because if you do, I will have no other choice than to dispose of your body.” She raised a brow, “And I will not hesitate to get my hands dirty.” She slipped out of the booth and smiled sweetly and snapped her fingers, “You may stay as long as you like…” She turned the bartender who was now at her side, “All drinks Mr. Talan wishes to have are on the house.”

The bartender nodded, “Yes ma’am” then left.

She turned once again, “Mr. Talan, Do not disappoint me.” She walked away silently.

Talan turned his to watch her walk away but she was already gone.

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Kwentun Elizabeth Alicezandria 'Wanderer' Denali
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