The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Braden O'Conner

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Braden O'Conner

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PostSubject: Braden O'Conner   Fri May 14, 2010 2:51 pm


Well I'm terrified of these four walls
These iron bars can't hold my soul in
All I need is you

      alias : Keena
      age : twenty-two
      experience : about ten years
      other characters : Davina
      contacts :
      anything else? : Nope.
      sample : Blaze looked at Davina, her long blood red hair was lose around her and her claws were extended, gold eyes burning with anger. He sighed, this was not good it was never good when Davina's anger got riled. This time it was a some raven haired werewolf that had tried to pick up on Blaze. Davina would put up with humans messing with him, but not a were not on her turf.

      To make things worse, the black haired beauty had told Davina she needed to get lost because she was taking over. She was not a fledgling but she was no where near Ancient status and it was dangerous for one to challenge an Ancient.

      "This is not going to end well." Colin, one of the boys said to Blaze.

      He shook his head, "Nope."

      But he was not worried for Davina and sat back and watched as Davina handed the girl's butt to her. She stood in her wolf form, her white hair glowing with the moon. He went to her and rested a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head and growled at him.

      "Hey, I never told her to come hit on me. Give me a break Chaos."

      She snorted but shifted back into human form and shook her head at him. "Must I pee on your leg?" She asked.

      He lifted a brow but smiled, "Funny I have thought about doing the same thing to you."

      She snorted yet again, but he was rewarded with the feel of her lips on his.

      full name : Braden O'Conner
      nicknames : Blaze
      age : one hundred and twenty-six
      birthday : March twenty-seventh
      orientation : Straight
      group : Shifters

      height : Six foot five
      weight : Two-hundred and thirty pounds
      body : Solid muscle
      eyes : Silvery-gray
      hair : Dark brown
      distinguishing features : None
      fashion sense : Bad boy biker
      play-by : Jared Padalecki

      likes :
      1. Hunting
      2. Riding his Harley
      3. Davina
      4. Sex
      5. The night
      6. Sex with Davina
      7. Sex by candle light
      8. His gang
      9. Being him
      10. Harleys

      dislikes :
      1. Women hitting on him all the time.
      2. Preppy rich women
      3. Strong perfume
      4. Human women who barely cloth themselves.
      5. Annoying pushy women
      6. Traitors
      7. Arthur Moore
      8. Not being with Davina
      9. Men hitting on Davina
      10. Men even looking at Davina

      strengths :
      1. His kindness
      2. His loyalty
      3. Standing up for what he believes in.

      weaknesses :
      1. His love for Davina.
      2. People in need.
      3. His pack.

      fears :
      1. Losing Davina
      2. Losing his pack.
      3. His past.

      mother : Unknown
      father : Unknown
      siblings : Unknown
      other : Unknown
      birthplace : Unknown
      significant other : Lover- Davina
      pets : none
      overall : Blaze does not remember anything about his past, he woke up in a cave with some psychotic chic telling him she was a werewolf and now he would be with her forever. However he found she was not just telling stories when on the night of the full moon he shifted into an enormous wolf and tore apart a man who had been camping near them. He was horrified by the blood lust that consumed him making want to kill again and again.

      However Blaze began to focus and remembered what he was doing was wrong and killed his maker. He sought help then and found it with a biker gang. He was second in the pack for about two months, and then Davina showed up.

      He fell in love with the moment he saw her, telling her his dark secrets and finding comfort in her arms as she told him it was not his fault. She showed him what it meant to be a werewolf and earned his loyalty as well. He found out about Davina's true identity one night when he followed her home because he sensed danger, indeed he ended up saving her life from Arthur's goons. She told him the truth then and he has never told another soul, and won't ever.

this application template was made by r o s e ! of caution two point oh; lyrics are from “lips like morphine” by kill hannah; do not remove this credit, thank you.
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Braden O'Conner
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