The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Lancer Lee Lisa

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PostSubject: Lancer Lee Lisa   Wed May 19, 2010 4:32 pm

Lancer Lee Lisa

a few lyrics to describe your character
It takes my pain away, It's a lie, Kiss with open eyes

alias : Dillon
age : sixteen
experience : nearing five years now
other characters : none
contacts : MSN:,
password : (usually found in the rules)
anything else? : Uhh not really....
sample : Do we really need this? I think samples just give a fake idea of someone's rp skills since they always try and make it better then they usually post

full name : Lancer Lee Lisa
nicknames : Lance
age : eighteen
birthday : Augest Eighteen twenty eighteen
orientation : Bisexual
group : Warlocks
canon or original? : I am SO original

height : six feet four inches
weight : one hundred and ninety pounds
body : Medium Neither skinny nor muscular
eyes : Normal shape, Bright blue
hair : Red, stright flowing over one of his eyes
distinguishing features : None
fashion sense : A combo of indie and sceene
play-by : I was told since i don't know who it is to leave this blank

likes : Ramen, Music, Raving, Techno, Fire, rain, sports, Running, sleeping, Watching tv.
dislikes : Country music, Spicy foods, Idiots, People who over exaggerate stuff, Perverts, Gangsters, scremo,school,math and drawing(He doesn't dislike art, He dislikes having to draw)
strengths :Calm most of the time, Protective of his friends, Open minded, Cleaver, Charismatic
weaknesses : Gets excessively angry when his friends are threatened, Optimistic so sometimes he doesn't see danger, gets weak at the site of his own blood, Slow thinking sometime, easily annoyed
habits : Always having crackers neerby, smoking, twiddles his thumbs when he's nervous, Listeing to his i-pod when people aren't talking to him, sleeping during bad times, keeping his hands in his pockets, fliping the bird to people who annoy him
fears : His blood, His father, dieing, Havign his friends die, Not making it in life, the past, his uncle
secrets : He was abused as a child, His sexual orientation, He used to be addictided to pain pills, He drinks on occasion even though he is not of age
overall : (at least 2 well-constructed paragraphs): He was born in a household with a father who always had higher hopes of him, And since he was unable to live up to his father expectations he was beaten and abused as a child. He was almost killed once by his father who stabbed him with a knife, hence his fear of his own blood. His father was put into jail after this event but soon he broke out. He made a promise that he would come after lancer and kill him.

He decided that the smart thing would be to run away from home, So that is exactly what he did, He was 16 at the time, He roomed with some people who he had great times with, However one day on the way home he found all his friends outside dead, They were killed by gangsters for no reason apparently, This made him cold and bitter to the gangsters and he sought out and killed each of them.

mother : Hellen Lisa, 45, Stay at home mom
father : Lani Lisa, 46, Was a lawyer, Now works random jobs due to being fired for his attack and almost murder of lancer
siblings : None
other : Uncle who helped lani carry out his plot by locking the door behind lancer when he went in on the day
birthplace : A small town about 40 miles away from where he is now
significant other : none
pets :none
overall : (at least 3 well-constructed paragraphs)
Lani lisa is a very hateful person, His father looked down on him most of his life, So in turn he did so to lancer, He met his wife Hellen when he was very young, and was smiten to her. She is the one person who he will show compassion to. He used to be a cuthroat lawyer untill he almost killed his son which got him put in jail.

Hellen was very kind to Lancer. She was nice to him all the time when his parents would not be nice to him when his father wouldn't give him the light of day except when he was beating him up. She is a beautiful girl, Still keeping most of her beauty from her young age, She is the only person who sees the good in lani, Even though they do fight alot.

Uncle is a rather hateful person, Being from the same family as lani he was also abused as a child. He proceded to take this out on lancer, helping his brother out with alot of his plots and keeping the cops away from any calls that were called to the police agianst his family due to the fact that he works at the police station
this application template was made by r o s e ! of caution two point oh; lyrics are from “lips like morphine” by kill hannah; do not remove this credit, thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Lancer Lee Lisa   Wed May 19, 2010 4:57 pm

Accepted even if you don't like Country Music. lol.
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Lancer Lee Lisa
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