The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Alexander Meska

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Alexander Meska

Location : In between the realm of light and dark, life and death.
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PostSubject: Alexander Meska   Thu May 20, 2010 9:27 pm

Alexander Meska

Alias: Zain Zalon
age: Twenty-Two (Going on Twenty-Three in June)
experience: Ten years along side Davina
other characters: Too many to list
contacts: (Don't bug me unless it's important or you talked to Davina about it first Razz)
anything else?: I could bash your head in with a hammer if you want to know.
Sample: You'll see how I RP soon enough.

full name: Alexander Meska
nicknames: Alex, Frozen Fang
age: One Thousand Years Old
birthday: December 31st
orientation: Bisexual
group: Shifters
canon or original: Considering how I play a character, this guy is original.
Height: Six foot Four inches
weight: Two hundred thirty pounds
body: Athletic and muscular
eyes: Sea Green. When angered, his eyes become slitted whether he is changed or in human.
Hair: Silver hair tied in a loose ponytail going halfway down his back. One side of his bangs cover his left eye from sight.
distinguishing features: A scar that goes along the left side of his face from above his eye down to the middle of his cheek. He also has several deep scars across his back.
fashion sense: Formal wear, silk suits and the ilk.
2)The Forest
3)Cold Temperatures
4)Honorable People
9)Stalking humans
10)The Stars

3)Large amounts of water
4)Being told what to do
7)Arthur Moore
8)Foul Smells

1)Strong and bright women
1)The nightmare of his village being destroyed before his eyes.
2)Being confined
3)Being told what to do

1)Enjoys playing with anything that moves (He is half cat after all)
mother: Crystalline DeLisae, 1,500 years old, Guardian of Asela
father: Nicolas Meska, 1,300 year old, Keeper of Knowledge
siblings: None
other: None
birthplace: Asela
significant other: None
pets: A panther named Midnight.

Alexander is a bit of a paradox. One time, he is calm and collected. The next, he's more willing to rip your heart out and freeze your mind. He is extremely protective of his family and his village of Asela and any that have proven themselves to him. However, should you ever betray him, pray that he never finds you cause your death will be slow and torturous.

He is always followed by a panther that he called Midnight. He had found him when Midnight was a cub, apparently abandoned (later, he found that the cub's pack was slaughtered by a group of humans). No matter what occurred during the time, Midnight had always remained at Alex's side ever since that event.

Just as Alexander is a paradox, the relationship between him and his parents is also unique. His father, a nearly solitary Warlock would spend his days either teaching Alex how to control the mystic powers that course through him or try to keep him at home to get him used to the duty of Keeper. His mother, a Weretiger, would allow him to be free while at the same time, trying to find him a mate. Alex oftened wondered just how his parents even met with how completely different they are, but he would shrug it off to another wonder of his family.

However, one evening, everything had changed. As Alex and Midnight were returning to the village, there were several explosions that occurred all along the village. Even with the speed of his were blood coursing through him, he had arrived to the carnage too late. An army of humans were killing all within the village, burning everything in their path. But what caused him to snap that night was both his parents warding off the humans before they both were envloped in a fiery explosion. At first, he thought that something had gone wrong with his father's spell, but soon saw that the humans were throwing some sort of grenade which caused it.

When that happened, his blood went ice cold as he triggered his transformation and unleashed hell upon the humans. Some were frozen immediately, shattering as he went by, others surviving long enough to watch as both he and Midnight tore through all of the others in a berserker rage. Before he killed the last human, he found out why this had occurred. Arthur Moore. He wanted to test out a new method to kill Warlocks and Witches.

Alexander soon after left the village of his birth, only Midnight with him as he vowed that he would make Moore pay for what he did in the most painful way possible, a sentiment that was reinforced by Midnight's growl.

His personality took a sudden change, becoming as cold as ice to all except Midnight. Soon after the destruction of his village, he started stealing from Moore, taking whatever he could that could help take him out. He would sell the items to the Night Worlders, which has allowed him to make a good living from those items. However, after he would take the items, the building that stored said items would be suddenly enveloped in ice, snap freezing all within. The few that would make it out before this and the Night Worlders that witnessed it had dubbed him Frozen Fang due to the icy nature of his personality and his own were form.
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Alexander Meska
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