The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 viktor Petrik Dracula

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viktor dracula

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PostSubject: viktor Petrik Dracula   Fri May 21, 2010 3:10 pm

Victor Petrik Dracula

You can't escape the wrath of my heart
Beating to your funeral song (You're so alone)
All faith is lost for hell regained
And love dust in the hands of shame (Just be brave

      alias : Darkangel
      age : thirty seven
      experience : three years
      other characters : spike van Helsing
      contacts : (skype, aim, msn, etc.)
      password : (usually found in the rules)
      anything else? : (any other important info)
      sample : (role play sample goes here if needed)


      : viktor Petrik Dracula
      nicknames : nobody would dare give him anything as trivial at that.
      age : [color=red older than the hills and time its self, but looks 42 [/color]
      birthday : may twenty first
      orientation : straight
      group : [color=redVampire [/color]
      canon or original? : (again, self-explanatory)

      height : 6' 2" (1.88 m)
      weight : thirteen stone
      body : slender
      eyes : white pupils , western shape
      hair : light brown
      distinguishing features : none
      fashion sense : old victorian
      play-by : Bill Nighy

      likes :
      * Pain
      * Death
      * Destruction
      * Fornication
      * Vengeance
      * Domination in all things
      * Creating the perfect vampire
      * Mastery over everything
      * His daughter
      * The death of all who appose him

      dislikes :
      * Light
      * Love
      * Babies
      * Weakness
      * Wears and humans
      * Kindness
      * Light
      * Trust
      * Faith
      * Disloyalty

      strengths :
      * Strong willed
      * Power hungry
      * Has the loyalty of all vampires
      * Very virile
      * unmeasured strength

      weaknesses :
      * His daughter
      * His virility
      * His fondness for brunette women
      * His lust for power
      * Hunger for fresh young blood to stay alive

      habits :
      * A glass of red blood every night
      * Takes a different woman each night
      * Playing with young DNA
      * Watching others create his super vampires
      * sleeps in his coffin
      * stays in doors
      * comes out only at night

      fears :
      * Growing old
      * Not creating the perfect vampire
      * Not making his daughter pay for his humiliation
      * Being over thrown
      * Sunlight
      * Humans
      * Having to kill his own kin for seeing the enemy.(7+)

      secrets :
      * Fears living alone
      * His love and hate for his daughter
      * Only ever truly felt something for one woman, Mina the Fair.
      * His emotions

      overall : (at least 2 well-constructed paragraphs)

      mother : (name, age and employment)
      father : (name, age and employment)
      siblings : None
      other : [color=rednone [/color]
      birthplace : remote castle (situated in the Carpathian Mountains on the border of Transylvania, Bukovina and Moldavia)
      significant other : Any female he takes a fancy too
      pets : none
      overall : He is a centuries-old vampire, sorcerer and Transylvanian nobleman, who claims to be a Székely descended from Attila the Hun. He inhabits a decaying castle in the Carpathian Mountains near the Borgo Pass. He exude a veneer of aristocratic charm which masks his unfathomable evil.

      The details of his early life are obscure, but it seems that Dracula studied the black arts at the academy of Scholomance in the Carpathian Mountains, overlooking the town of Sibiu (also known as Hermannstadt) and became proficient in alchemy and magic. Taking up arms, as befitting his rank and status as a Voivode, he led troops against the Turks across the Danube. According to the character Abraham Van Helsing (spoke van Helsing grand father)

      Dracula is very passionate about his warrior heritage. He has physical strength which, according to Van Helsing, is equivalent to 20 men. Being undead, he is immune to conventional means of attack. The only definite way to kill him is by decapitating him followed by impalement through the heart with a wooden stake, although it is also suggested that shooting him with a sacred bullet would suffice. The Count can defy gravity to a certain extent, being able to climb upside down vertical surfaces in a reptilian manner. He has powerful hypnotic and mind control abilities, and is also able to command nocturnal animals such as wolves and rats. Dracula can also manipulate the weather, usually creating mists to hide his presence, but also storms such as in his voyage in the Demeter. He can shapeshift at will, his featured forms in the novel being that of a bat, a rat, a wolf, vapor, and fog. He requires no other sustenance but fresh blood, which has the effect of rejuvenating him.

this application template was made by r o s e ! of caution two point oh; lyrics are from “lips like morphine” by kill hannah; do not remove this credit, thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: viktor Petrik Dracula   Sun May 23, 2010 3:01 pm

Sorry it took so long, welcome!
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viktor Petrik Dracula
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