The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Story of the Night

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PostSubject: Story of the Night   Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:32 pm

We are twenty years in the future and rich, powerful, sadistic men and women rule the world, government is more a joke then it has ever been and laws are hardly if ever followed. Being as Drug Lords and Gangleaders are the true rulers of the streets who report back to their behind the scene bosses, the rich men and women. Violence and chaos are pretty much the norm and the law has no say and most are paid to keep quiet.

And amongst all this is the hidden world...The Night World. Where vampires, were-creatures, witches and warlocks control their own socities and pecking orders...but now a labatory run by Truth Industies, owned by no other then Arthur Moore, is getting closer to a secret that will allow him to not only rule the human world, but take over the Night World. And the members of the Night World are forced to blend in with humans more and to unite to fight off Arthur and his goons...before he can enslave them forever.

~World info~

This new Earth takes place twenty years after World War III, making the year 2029. All of the larger cities have been destroyed and left for nature to re-claim all over the world. Though some new smaller cities have been built for the sake of keeping people safe. No one leaves the cities after dark. It isn't safe thanks to all the outlaws and gangsters running wild in the out skirts of the cities. But even worse are the strage corpses found in a secret alley or even in the safety of their own home...corpses that are torn apart or drained dry but that is hush hush only remembered by witnesses and whispers.

Life is pretty much the same except laws and government hold no ground, the rich billionaires of the world have all the power and they of course like to fight amongst eachother and who cares if a few innocent people get hurt in the crossfire? And when the lights go out, it is the gangs that rule. Drugs, sex and death are the code of life.

Also forests, jungles and deserts are bigger and stronger then ever do to the decline in cities, roads, and humans.


Human: This race is a given. They are just as power hungry and greedy as ever. Hell bent on destroying what is left of the world, though they are fewer then they used to be thanks to their wars. Humans stick mostly to the cities, after World War III, the out skirts of the city became dangerous as well as just out side of them. Run by outlaws and gangs.

Vampire: This race comes with everything you would expect. They are super strong, fast and can read minds and influence thoughts. Sex appeal is top at their list, how else to lure their victims? They can see well at night though not as well as were-creatures. They are indeed immortal and with age comes greater powers. Wood is the only thing that can harm or kill them, besides fire. No turning shape but can wrap shadows and mist about themselves so they are invisable to the eye. Only a few can travel by flight, it is a trick only the ancients know and share only once in awhile. (Must okay flying with me) A trait of all vampires; besides flawless pale skin and a slight chill to their skin, is no matter what color their eyes are...they are more radiant then any human eye could ever be and when they feed their irises turn black with red rings on the outside. And their canines are a little longer then normal...and do extend when desired. Their sex drive is always going, but is not as powerful as a were's, however should they be denied blood for more then twenty-four hours they too find themselves in blood lust. Also they do cry tears of blood. Vampires can be made one of two ways, they are either born a vampire and can go about in the daylight with sunglasses and are weaker then at night and stop ageing when ever they wish to, or they are turned. Or they can be turned, they cannot go out into the sunlight for the first month of their new life and must sleep during the day. But once they are past the one month mark they too can go out with sunglasses. It is also dangerous to turn a human into a vampire and few live through it as well. But if they do, they are kept away like a were until they can control their blood lust. This occurs in the first month.

Were-Creatures: This race is a little different...such as they can turn when ever they want to, however the night of the full moon they have no choice in the matter. They turn and cannot turn back until day light. The week before the full moon were-creatures have an anourmous sex drive that they must fill otherwise a blood lust builds in them that leads to serious trouble. They will not mate with a human during this time because of how dangerous that is. They are super strong, super fast, and have highly acute senses. Even more then a vampire. All were's have brilliant eyes, much like a vampire, but with a little more glow to them. Were's also have extended canines and can also make them grow when desired. Also their ears are always more pointed then a humans and they can make their nails grow into inch long claws when ever they want. The most common were's are; all canines:wolf, fox...ect. All felines, lion, tiger...ect. And bears. (If you have another animal in mind, please ask me)Are immortal as well and silver is the only thing that hurts, kills and weakens them. Were's are also created one of two ways, they are either born and like the vampire stop aging whenever they want, or they are created. But a were will only turn someone if they have to, it is a very dangerous ritual and few live through it. But should they, they are kept in a secret and secure location for the first month until their hunger dies down and they can control the blood lust.

Witches/Warlocks: This race looks perfectly human...the only difference is that elven blood flows through their veins. They can call upon magic when ever they wish with or without spells. Some times all they have to do is dip into the magic, like healing or seeing. Most believe in 'harm none' but others love the power and hold nothing back. Always tend to carry a pendant of some sorts, whether a pentagram or crystal...on them in the form of jewelery. Are mortal but heal very very quickly.

Half-breeds: These can be two of any of the given races. A joining between races is not uncommon, exspecially with were's given their lustful ways before a full moon.


All races can be either...bystanders, just watching as everything falls into place from the background. The rich, powerful billionaire, A law officer trying to still up hold laws, or the law officer being bribed to look the other way. A Gangleader or drug lord or even just one of their people.

Only humans can work for Arthur Moore and his people.

Only non-human races can be nomads outside of the cities.
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Story of the Night
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