The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Leon Lee Fields

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PostSubject: Leon Lee Fields   Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:43 am

Leon Lee Fields

If we run this light
Take a little life
No one will care at all
We can burn it and leave
For we are the beautiful Thieves
No one suspects at all
No one suspects

alias :Dj
age : sixteen
experience : Five
other characters : I am the old defunct....i think it was oel, showda or lancer, i forgot which name i used here
contacts :Msn:, Yahoo:, AIM: or whatever the hell aim is, Gmail:
password : (usually found in the rules)
anything else? : umm.....turkey?
sample : (role play sample goes here if needed)

full name : Leon Fields
nicknames : Leo
age : eighteen
birthday : Augest Eighteenth, ninty ninety three
orientation : Pansexual, a more perfect form of bi, menaing gender doesn't matter
group : Shifter, Siberian tiger
canon or original? : Original

height : 6 ft 5 inches
weight : 180
body : Slender body, it's obvious that musscles are there but he doesen't have body builder musscles
eyes : Reddish orange, normal shape
hair : White hair, Stright
distinguishing features : His snow white hair, his cross that he always has around hsi neck
fashion sense : Modern/emo
play-by : Random anime dude

likes : Ramen
botdf(Blood on the dance floor)
walking out in the forest
running in trees

dislikes : Idiots
idiodic perverts
fighting for no reasin

strengths : Calm mind
fast reaction time
good eyesight
hard to piss off

weaknesses:Bluntness(Not sure if this counts, if it doesent tell me and i'll edit it)
He gets violent the few times he gets angry(even for small reasons)
Rushes into stuff
quick to judge

habits : stuttering when nervous or aroused
always having crackers/other finger food to nibble on
Yelling it's going to explode in internet cafe's(I've done this before lol)
fliping people off
keeping his hands in his pockets
listening to his ipod
kicking cans he sees

fears : seeing his own blood
dying, seeing people he care about die
being caught
losing his wallet(I know wierd fear)

secrets : His being a shifter
he's a thief
His fear of floats
he likes changing into his tiger form, getting caught by the zoo and then turning to sue them.
overall : (ohh yes the dreaded overall...well lets begin this hell)
Leon was born in a small town just west of here, he grew up like any other child would, going to school, getting good grades, getting grounded for sneaking out, all the normal stuff. however one day he woke up early in the middle of the night feeling wierd, he got out of body and noticed his body starting to change. his parents were gone so he ran outside to go get help. and that was the first time he changed, he ran away from home after that.

He then went to the town where the rp is held, he got an apt working odd and end jobs, just barly getting by. however one day his friend got him to join in on a heist of a jewerly store, this led to him become a criminal and stealing money in order to make his way.

mother : Karen Fields, 38, accountant
father : Ronald Fields, 39, accountant
siblings : None
other : None that he knows, his parents were estranged to the rest of their family
birthplace : Lets call this town cloverfield, whatever state/country their in.
significant other : None
pets : None
overall : Just a basic family, i can probally bullshit 3 para's out if you want, but please. torture was stoped becuase of the geneva convention

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Spike Van Helsing

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PostSubject: Re: Leon Lee Fields   Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:25 am

ok I am not an admin but since none are on yet, I will say that since this person is a member with another approved charry , I am gessing it will be all right for them to rp as this one.

If I am wrong admins I apologys.

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Alexander Meska

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PostSubject: Re: Leon Lee Fields   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:35 am

I see no reason for it not to be approved. Moved to the accepted section
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PostSubject: Re: Leon Lee Fields   

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Leon Lee Fields
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