The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Arthur Moore WIP

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Arthur Moore

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PostSubject: Arthur Moore WIP   Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:10 am


Tonight my head is SPINNING
I need something to PICK ME UP
I've tried but nothing is WORKING
I won't STOP
I won't say I've had ENOUGH
Tonight I start the FIRE
If you can't stand the way this place is
Take yourself to HIGHER PLACES

      alias : Swiss
      age : twenty-one
      experience : eight
      other characters : N/A
      contacts : msn:
      password : (usually found in the rules)
      anything else? : I am a silly person and I also hope to write erotica or make my own erotic comic one day! C:
      sample :
      Quote :
      Asher Gi'Ovani from Invoria
      Asher could honestly say that he had been in and out of being awake since he'd gotten there. For one, he had finally felt better. Though for the past few hours he'd faked being asleep to be alone. The older women had come in and began talking about him and gossiping about him and what he was doing with their Star Walker. It went on and on for a while.

      "Wow he has got to be tall, look at the limbs on him."

      "And those eyes, such beautiful eyes."

      "Like iris's or dew drops at dusk."

      And giggling ensued.

      Ashe had every right to be restless. He needed to get out of here. Eventually the women went about their separate ways...or went to go gossip about other things. It was a relief to him. Maybe he could actually rest then. His mind had traveled to the fight and all the dramatics. He was getting rusty...he should have been able to take on that vampire alone. He would be beating himself up for days. Though, at least the girl had done him in and finished the job. He could only assume they were both safe, seeing as he was suddenly in healing hands.

      She hadn't come to see him from what he knew. The smells were all new here, it made him even more unsettled. He hoped she was okay, it would be horrible if his wound was for nothing and some other monster got to her. Asher bashed his weakness, but let it subside as he remember he should be on duty today. Looks like the guys get another day off he thought to himself, sighing. Then there was his sister...he had been gone nearly 24hrs...the last time he was gone so long he was face down in the woods...she would probably begin to worry soon...

      His ears perked slightly as he heard a rustling as some one entered the room. It could have been on of the healers checking up on him again. He opened his weary eyes for a moment, but it wasn't the kind woman who'd heal him.

      It was that girl. She had come to visit him...though he suspected that she didn't know he was awake and he kept his breaths deep to keep the ruse. Gently fingers reached out to run along his chest, he tensed a little as they reached his bandages. It didn't hurt terribly but it still stung a little. She took it upon herself to explore a little bit more, before picking up his fur. The priestess seemed to like it--and he had to agree, it was exquisite.

      "I'm glad you find it enjoyable to meddle with a man as he sleeps," Asher proded as he grinned at her. "You'd better be lucky that you're blind." If she wasn't, the whole situation was going to be a tad bit more awkward than what he wanted it to be. He attempted to sit up, but it wasn't going to happen without a great deal of pain. His stomach muscles were almost too torn to try. He reached over and ran his fingers along the fur himself. The jaguar had gotten him out of many a danger before. He almost dealt it lucky to a degree.

      "...Asher..." he spoke after a time. "My name is Asher..."

      He wasn't really good at things like you could probably tell. His eyes were on her face...even though she could not see him, he could definitely see her leagues better than last night. Rich brown hair and green eyes like emeralds. It was a shame that she was blind...her eyes held so little light, but it was still fascinating to see her expression when she found out he was awake.

      Asher snickered.

      full name : Arther Gareth Moore
      nicknames : Moore
      age : thirty-seven
      birthday : June fifth
      orientation : heterosexual
      group : human
      canon or original? : canon

      height : six foot two inches
      weight : one hundread forty five pounds
      body : lean, athletic build
      eyes : sunken, hazel eyes
      hair : raven, wavy hair (usually kept meticulously short)
      distinguishing features : A long scar, diagonally across his abdomen, where a subordinate tried to assassinate him a long time ago.
      fashion sense : Arthur prefers to look sharp and refined. He is often seen in tailored suits of varying designs, however, there are the few times where he like to go out on the town on his motorcycle. Not to many people know that its him per say, but he is usually wearing a leather jacket and jeans.
      play-by : Gerard Butler

      likes :
      - knives
      - women
      - gambling
      - classical music
      - fencing
      - dancing
      - revenge
      - order
      - history
      - creatures
      - cryptology
      - mythology
      - leather
      - motorcycles
      - genetics
      - plays
      - aromas

      dislikes :
      - airplanes
      - "witty" people
      - syntheic fabric
      - cliff hangers
      - failure
      - weaklings
      - hyperness
      - wine
      - threats
      - insecurity

      strengths :
      - observant
      - technologically aware
      - quick learner
      - task oriented
      - crafty
      - charismatic
      - womanizing
      - manipulation
      - scientific mind
      - devoted

      weaknesses :
      - control freak
      - arrogant
      - narcissistic
      - rigid
      - mistrusting
      - guarded
      - pessimistic

      habits :
      - fencing to burn off anger
      - punishes insolence
      - attending parties to be seen
      - tends to get quieter as he gets angrier
      - overbearing to people he just met
      - over works himself
      - often seen researching

      fears :
      - fear of riding in air planes
      - that serious competition may sprout up.
      - the "new world order" being nothing like he expected
      - having a traitor amongst his men
      - loosing power
      - being trampled
      - being turned

      secrets :
      - has a love of chocolate
      - sometimes reads old mythological stories
      - is obsessed with Davina St. Clair
      - had a love of fantasy creatures as a child

      overall :
      "Nothing personal against you, it's just business," is one of Arthur's favorite quotes. It explains him perfectly. He is all for his business plans and if someone decided to interfere, it isn't beneath him to eliminate that threat. Besides that, he really isn't that bad of a guy. He likes to think he is quite agreeable when it doesn't involved his work. With such a charming personality and a social presence, one might forget quite how powerful he is. His seething side is mostly seen by his minions: failure is not tolerated...on any level.

      Never the most trusting guy, very few reside in his inner circle of "partners" and even less are considered friends. He prefers many distance conversations to most personal ones. Attending events and parties makes him known, but anything beyond that is out of his range of comfort. With his position of power, trusting people isn't on his lists of can do's, his closest companion being his dog. His dazzling smile merely hides the shell of a man that seeks the comfort of a different companionship. He makes up for this by throwing himself into his work.

      Even with his sociopath tendencies, he manages to fine time for women. They aren't so much a weakness as they are play things for him. If he wish, he could have a different woman warming his bed every night. However, he is very selective. He has a taste for Cian women and its a dangerous habit he has to be careful of.

      mother : Benedict Moore, 88, deceased
      father : Nora Moore, 82, deceased
      siblings : N/A
      other : N/A
      birthplace : New York, New York
      significant other : none
      pets : Bedlum: a silver great dane
      overall : (at least 3 well-constructed paragraphs)

this application template was made by r o s e ! of caution two point oh; lyrics are from “lips like morphine” by kill hannah; do not remove this credit, thank you.

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Davina St.Clair

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PostSubject: Re: Arthur Moore WIP   Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:54 pm

Awesome! I happen to be a rising erotic writer myself we should get along just fine.
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Arthur Moore WIP
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