The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Lily Duilia Arilai

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Lily Arilai

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PostSubject: Lily Duilia Arilai   Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:09 am


Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now

      Alias : Aly
      Age : Seventeen
      Experience : Five Plus
      Other characters : Other sites (
      Contacts : MSN:
      Password : (usually found in the rules)
      anything else? : Uhm.. I'm super.. random? and awesome? 8D
      Sample :
      She couldn't see anything. Reaching up, her little fingers pryed at the bigger ones covering her eyes, and a small voice that she realized was hers piped out a string of curious, enthusiastic questions. Daddy where are we going? What is my surprise? Are we there yet? When can I see? A gentle chuckle was all she got in response before suddenly the darkness was gone and before her stood the most beautiful little black pony she'd ever seen in her life before. Gasping, the little four year old girl with black curls bounced up and down in one spot, almost so overwhelmed she couldn't talk. Her mother was there too, her soft blond curls falling around her face, blue eyes sparkling with happiness as she watched her young daughter leap forward and wrap her little arms around the pony's neck. Cicero's gruff, but tender voice spoke behind her, and she felt a large hand place itself upon her shoulder.. Turning her head the little girl looked up and with a big grin, now lunged for her father, grasping him tightly as he lifted her up and gave her a loving embrace. "Thank you! Thank you! He's so bootiful, and that's what Ima call him daddy! Bootiful!" She cried out, so happy the poor thing felt like bursting into tears. A soft chorus of chuckles alerted her to the arrival of the rest of her family. The gruff, war-hardened men were all smiling, and one came forward to present her with a wee little saddle, in which he placed upon the pony's back, securing it before her mother reached forward. Picking up little Lily, she sat her snugly into it, putting both feet in each stirrup. "It's a perfect fit Cicero.." the woman cooed up at her mate, and he wrapped an arm around her as one of the Angelic began to lead the small girl about on her new pony. The young shifter had been asking her father ever since she could speak about getting a horse like everyone else.. The Angelics were a cavalry group, tending to roam nomatically on horseback to the homes that littered their territory.. Now Lily's dream of riding beside her father could slowly start to come true..

      Jolting forward the young woman took a quiet shakey breath, shuddering and closing her eyes tightly, the memory still fresh in her mind.. Her hands reached up and tangled into her raven locks. Each night the memories tortured her, and each night she woke up, feeling the deep aching loss that her family had left in her heart.. Looking toward the window, she stumbled out of bed and yanked back the curtain, glaring up at the half-full moon. Her skin crawled, twitched, and she snarled up at the pale orb before slinging the curtain shut again, almost ripping it off the hinges. She'd lost her family on a half-moon.. A shudder rippled through her body again as she started to crawl back into bed.. Slipping under the covers and laying her head at the opposite end, she curled up and sighed, praying to get at least an hour more of sleep before she had to get up and face the day.. Her fingers curled around a pillow and she snatched it closer, clinging to it. Without the soft snores and the protection of her pack.. She felt unsafe.. Helpless. She hated it.. Resisting the urge to cry, she forced herself back to sleep, trying to dream of only blackness before she'd have to wake up again. "

      Full Name : Lily Duilia Arilai
      Nicknames : Lily
      Age : Nineteen
      Birthday : November Thirteenth
      Orientation : Heterosexual
      Group : Shifters: [2/3 Wolf 1/3 Fox] 2nd Generation Hybrid/Halfbreed(<-i can change if needed)
      Canon or Original? : Original

      Height : Five Foot Four
      Weight : One Twenty Two
      Body : Lithe but Toned Muscle
      Eyes : Medium, not big, not small, sly, Copper.
      Hair : Mostly black with natural red undertones in certain light.
      Distinguishing Features : Gibbous moon between her shoulder blades, just below her neck, entwined with ivy.
      Fashion sense : Modern, Practical
      Play-By : Lacey Chabert

      Likes :
      - Birds. Falcons in particular
      - Running
      - Fighting(Boxing, Tae Kwon, Kung Fu, Tai Jitsu, ect)
      - Horses
      - Horseback Riding.
      - Shifting
      - Being Right
      - Winning
      - Adrenaline
      - Dominance Battles
      - The Wind
      - The Moon
      - Hygiene
      - Dancing

      Dislikes :
      - Losing
      - Being Idle
      - Being Mocked
      - Stupidity
      - Passivity (passive people, the meek/timid)
      - Heights (tho she won't admit it)
      - Being Cold
      - Whistles
      - Magic
      - Her Lust Before the Full Moon
      - Not Having Anywhere to go

      Strengths :
      -Powerful (Physically)
      - Tactical
      - Quick Learner
      - Lands on her Feet (so to speak)
      - Resilient
      - Flexible (Physically)
      - Control (Emotional/Physical)
      - Blends in Well (Situations)
      - Persuasive (Good at getting what she wants)

      Weaknesses :
      - Slightly Spoiled
      - Temper Fuse
      - Lying
      - Magic
      - Right Knee (old Injury/Physical)
      - Silver
      - Moon-Lust

      Habits :
      - Training (Every day, 5am to 6am or at Local Dojo/Gym)
      - Running/Jogging (Forest Trails/Local park)
      - Getting into Fights
      - Flirting without Meaning/Realization
      - Clubbing/Raving, nightly, more-so along Full Moon
      - Manipulating to get what she wants.
      - Wearing a Brace on her right knee

      Fears :
      - Not finding her Family
      - Being Lost
      - Not being able to control her actions
      - Being Weak
      - Being Helpless
      - Her father's Disappointment
      - Magic
      - Her knee failing

      Secrets :
      - Secretly enjoys the sexual freedom of the week before the Full Moon
      - Secretly scared of heights
      - Snores/Growls in her sleep
      - Likes Bondage
      - Is a masochist

      Overall :
      Lily takes a lot after her father. Strong, proud, controlled and serious, while also having her mothers ability to manipulate and use her body and her mind to get what she wants out of people.

      Lily always aspired to be like her father, fearless pack-leader of the 'Angelics'. He taught her everything he thought she needed to know, and drilled her into the perfect physical soldier, able to defend herself and fight viciously when needed. She trains daily to keep this up, runs frequently and is rarely second in anything that she does. Lily feels like she has to keep winning, like she has to push herself past her limits for her father, even though he isn't around anymore. She feels like she can't just slack up because he can't see her, and doesn't want him to be disappointed when she knows they will be reunited. She strives always for his approval. It really pushes into her personality and social life, although she seems to manage it well.

      Her slightly rebellious side is trademark to her mother, a wily fox hybrid with a nose for trouble. Like her mother, she knows how to manipulate and do it well. She can use her body and her mind to accomplish this, and has also been blessed with quick powers of deduction and reading, making it easy for her to find out how, what, and where you like anything. Unfortunately, she also has a nose for trouble, and gets into it often. She likes to frequent Clubs and Raves, and secretly enjoys the sexual lust given by the week before the full moon. Her mother was always a very physical oriented person, but Lily outwardly took after her father, knowing that he disapproved of his daughter sleeping with anyone, unless absolutely necessary. Needless to say, boyfriends were never a welcome topic with her father, so she now feels like she doesn't need one, preferring a handsome stranger to anyone she could get attached to.

      Mother : Lillian Carmana Arilai, Seven Hundred Eighty Three, Assassin for Hire.

      Father : Keith Cicero Arilai, Two Hundred Ninety Nine, Pack Leader of the Angelics
      Siblings : None.
      Other : Great Uncle Andrew Nilair Arilai (Deceased)
      Grandfather Alec Kulrai Arilai (Unknown)
      Uncle Nicholas Duilio Arilai (Deceased)
      Aunt Vanessa Selene Arilai (Unknown)

      Birthplace : Italy
      Significant other : None
      Pets : None
      Overall : Lily Duilia Arilai was born in Italy to Cicero and Carmana Arilai, a wolf and half wolf/fox hybrid. Her first name derived from Carmana's first [Lillian(Lily)], her middle, a tribute to her long dead Uncle, Duilio [the female being 'Duilia], whom her father loved very much, and then her father's family name, Arilai. Her pack was what some would call "rag tag", the only family being the members of the Arilai, while the rest were vagabond mercenaries and lone wolves. Back when Alec Arilai lead the pack, the Angelics were a well known group of dangerous Mercenaries for hire. Alec was evil and twisted, and his brother Andrew was no better, but the Angelics were a pack no less, and lived on.

      Soon after Lily was born, Cicero drove Alec from his Alpha position (some say killed him), and took over the Angelics, Andrew at his side, as beta. However, after Lily turned six, Andrew attempted to abuse the precious 'Daughter of the Angelic' and the pack fell upon him, viciously coming to her rescue. Her right knee was injured in the attack, but was otherwise unscathed, however it has continued to pain her for many years. And indeed Lily was precious to every member of the Angelics. As the only child, and the only female (other than her mother) in the pack, she was protected, almost tenderly, by them, each one adopting her into their hearts. Mercenaries that the world thought cruel, and heartless killers, were Lily's playmates and friends, her teachers and trainers. She stunned them all with her adorable, fearless smile, and amused them with her sharp 4 year old wit. They were her family.

      Cicero taught his daughter to fend for herself, and fight like an Angelic. He was tough, and hard on her, while also spoiling her rotten with constant rewards for her perseverance and passion. He loved his daughter more than anyone (except her mother of course!), and was often seen carrying her around on his shoulders, telling her stories and listening to the ones she made up.

      Growing up also taught her the subtle stealth, and style of her mother, whom, as an assassin, used her body and her mind to seduce, and trap her targets. Lily applied this to what she already knew, and by the time she was 13, she was hauling in little boyfriends, whom were immediately scared off by her rather.. interesting family.

      When Lily turned 18, she was separated from them by an attack from a rival pack. She'd been driven away and knocked herself unconscious by slamming her head into a low hanging branch. When she awoke the next morning, there was no sign of her family anywhere. She followed the scent all the way to this city, and hopes to find them, wanting to reunite with the family who loved her and kept her save her whole life. A year has past. Only a few clues have shown themselves, and she hopes to find more..

this application template was made by r o s e ! of caution two point oh; lyrics are from “lips like morphine” by kill hannah; do not remove this credit, thank you.

||ooc:chaos is law. okies. sounds good to me! hope you like~

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Spike Van Helsing

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PostSubject: Re: Lily Duilia Arilai   Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:34 am

Looks good to me, Welcome. just rember Chaos is your leader, she rules over all wears and shifters so her word is law.

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Davina St.Clair

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PostSubject: Re: Lily Duilia Arilai   Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:26 pm

Perfect, very well put together.
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PostSubject: Re: Lily Duilia Arilai   

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Lily Duilia Arilai
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