The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Spike Van Helsing

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Spike Van Helsing

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PostSubject: Spike Van Helsing   Fri May 07, 2010 4:40 am

Your Lighter Half

Name or Alias: Darkangel

Experience 3 years

Your Darker Half

Name: Spike Van Helsing
Alias: none

Age: 36

Race: Human

White hair dark clothes and boots his hair is short and the ears, a long black leather wind breaker and steel tipped boots.

He is a quiet person never telling too much ad never giving a way anything, he will treat a girl or woman right and never takes advantage of them. He hates vampires and will hunt them with a vengeance as they took his family from him killing them while they fed it left him weak but threw some miracle he survived only two round marks on his neck and a hate for them to show what he went threw.

He was born to a wealthy family, John and Mary Van Helsing. He never knew his mother as she died in child birth as was the common thing in those days. Growing up with his father was unusual he would go to bed but his father would suddenly in the middle of the night leave returning before dawn.

On his 16TH birthday his father took him to one side and showed him a whole new world filled with danger and vampires. From that moment on he hunted them along side his father. Till one fatefull day a vampire they had been hunting managed to get the upper hand. With his father now feeling his age he had slowed and when they were attacked, he was killed.

Now it was up to Spike to take over the business. Which he did but he has never found that vampire and still to this day looks for him.

He has never found a woman who is a strong willed as he and accepting of his choices so as a result remains alone.

Short Rp:
Annette walked into the leaky cauldron, her heavy black cloak pulled tight around her as she moved like on ice to the bar, under her cloak her hand moves taking out several coins placing them on the bar as she orders her drink her voice soft and smooth, looking around she sees several old men turning quickly away to face there fellow men and smiles knowing they were looking at her, and also knowing they could not see her under her cloak.

With drink in her hand she moved to sit near an open fire the chair comfortable and not hard like the ones in the main area of the bar, her leg showing as she threw back her cloak, long and elegant like those of a model on photo shoot, her skin creamy and smooth. Pulling back her hood she uncovered her long blond hair and blue eyes her eyes looking around the room as the older men grinned at her like a dog on heat, just she ignored them and sipped her drink.

She sipped delicate sips not rushed but savoring the taste as it slipped down her slender throat where a sliver necklace hung delicate and thin blinking in the dim light as she moved to look into the flames of the fire she now sat close to, watching the flames dance reflected in her blue eyes as she wished some one would instead of watching her would talk to her. She felt alone yet surrounded buy people, but none would see her but as nothing as an object to be looked at.

Sipping hr drink again she could do little but sit and watch people come and go from the bar all the men looking at her all the women scowling, why she did not know but could only guess and smiled, she didn't have a nasty side but seemed to like how they looked at her knowing she was not for them and way out of their league. She sighed throwing off her cloak and laying it next to her, as she reveled the black dress she wore with pair of simple gold earrings. The bar man she had noticed smiled as he cleaned his glasses obviously leased to have some one with her looks in his bar , ether that or he was going to make a move on her which she would not stand for.
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Davina St.Clair

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PostSubject: Re: Spike Van Helsing   Fri May 07, 2010 12:24 pm

You are very much Accepted, welcome!
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Spike Van Helsing
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