The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Wolf's Moon book 1 in the Cian series

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Davina St.Clair

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PostSubject: Wolf's Moon book 1 in the Cian series   Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:25 pm


The night of the full moon had finally arrived and her silver beams glowed upon the world and sang in the veins of her children bringing forth the need to run and hunt. The summer air was hot and disturbed only by an occasional breeze, but this did not dampen the mood of the lone figure running through the forest.

The air was alive with so many scents and then night was bright with color as she sped through the trees, leaping over a bush just to feel the power in her muscles. Her paws barely made a sound in the needles and leaves upon the forest floor as she went. She slowed when she neared a stream, stopping to lap at the cool crystal clear water and let it fill her body with the essence of life. But a noise brought her head up suddenly as she smelt the air…

The smell of flesh and blood came to her and her body demanded to chase. It was a buck, she could tell by the heaviness of his hoof beats and smell of the soft velvet that still clung to his antlers. She crouched and began to move through the forest, the breeze was blowing her way which was in her favor as it would not give her away to her prey.

Low to the ground she crept upon the clearing she smelt the buck in and then stopped in the cover of some thick blackberry bushes. Her moth began to water at the sight of the deer, but she continued to wait in silence. The buck lowered his head to the grass, his body gave no sign of worry but she was not fooled. She knew he could take off in a sudden burst of speed at the slightest hint of danger.

So she waited, her muscles tight and ready to pounce as the deer came closer and closer to her hiding spot. When he was only two feet away she burst out of the bush, the buck started and turned to take off but it was too late. Her fangs sank into the deer’s neck causing it to scream out before she brought her claws forward to grip into his flesh. The sweet coppery scent of blood filled her nose even as it filled her mouth, with the force from her powerful jaws she broke the neck bringing them both down.

At once she began to lap at the hot sticky blood that flowed forth before tearing into the flesh and ripping it away to swallow nearly whole. The deer was finished quickly and what was left she knew would be fed upon by other creatures in the forest. She went back to the stream where she lay down under a low hanging fur tree and began to lick the blood clean from her enormous silvery-white paws.

She looked up then and saw through the tops of the trees the clouds moving over the moon, to block her out and then let her through, framing her in light and dark grayish blues. The night around her performed its usual symphony and she closed her eyes in a few moments of bliss. But it was not to last as her nose caught the scent of smoke and burning flesh.

Instantly she leapt to her feet and in all haste rushed back the way she had come, towards her home. She covered miles in a matter of moments and stopped just inside the forest, her heart beating quickly not from the run, but from the sight that met her.

In the distance her ancestral home was in flames, the thick smoke floating upwards to block out the beauty of the moon and to choke her. She could see with her powerful sight people being drug from the house, some covered in blood conscious or unconscious while others still were dead.

She ran towards them all and skidded to a stop as she found what she had been dreading. In the light of the fire she looked down upon the still forms of her younger sister, her older brother and her beloved mother. She began to whimper as she nudged her mother and then ran to her little sister and then to her brother, checking for any signs they might still be alive.

But their scents were all ready fading and she could not hear their hearts beating. She lowered her head and then lifted it high to the sky and let out her fury and anguish in a long mournful howl that carried on the air and made all grow still either in respect or in fear.

When her throat burned and she could give no more she lay down beside her family, wishing she could die beside them. A noise caught her attention and she lifted her head, her ears flat and her teeth bared as she let out a low growl. She watched as the timber wolf approached her and stopped growling, he was no threat to her anymore. Once more she lay her head down, ignoring the male as he came to her side.

You must get up. He said to her through her thoughts.

Why? She asked.

Because the people that did this are coming back. He looked at the bodies around them and then back to the female.

Then let them come. Her anger was clear.

They will kill you. They are not normal humans, they Hunters. They track down beings like us and kill them. He said as he nudged her.

She snapped back at him, her golden eyes watching him. They took everything I had to live for.

Wrong! He growled. They have not taken your life yet, would your family wish you to throw your life away so willingly? He demanded.

She knew they would not and rose to her feet, she turned and followed him towards the woods but turned back one last time before taking off after the male. She had lost everything she had ever known, because of what she had become…but no matter what she knew her family would want her to live on and so she would for them.
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Davina St.Clair

Location : Hunting you through the shadows of your darkest desires.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf's Moon book 1 in the Cian series   Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:29 pm

Chapter One:

Davina sat up on the corner railing, watching the people below as they moved their bodies seductively to the music that pounded through the floor and walls. She was leaned against the wall with one leg up on the banister while the other hung freely in the air, her right arm lay in her lap and her left was resting on her left knee. She looked completely relaxed but it was merely a ploy, because if need be she could be up and fighting in an instant.

Her golden eyes roamed the crowd looking for anything interesting but as of the moment, nothing had caught her attention. She owned the club that was quickly filling with people of the Cian world and some humans. Since it was not the week of the full moon the humans were safe.

Davina allowed no killing on her turf, but those below did use their powers to get a taste here and there and that was fine. But all knew that if they killed in the city that Davina would deal with them and no mercy would be shown.

All of the New World cities had a Guardian to watch over them, to make sure that all Cian in the area followed the ancient laws. Davina was the Guardian for the city of Telgar, in the Old World it had been known as L.A., it had not been her favorite place in those times. Too many humans and pollution, it had choked the wolf within.

Now though, Gaia had taken back most of the world as the human population had died down thanks to their constant wars. They had destroyed most of the world and all of their cities had fallen to ruin to be rebuilt in later years, but their populations were still low in number which meant there were very few large cities. And thanks to the growth of the Cian people, human numbers would most likely never get that out of control again.

Though all Guardians were not in complete control, because though everyone answered to them, they answered to the Council. A group of Cian members that were quite old and quite powerful and watched every thing from the shadows. Rarely were they ever actually involved directly which is why they had made the Guardians to begin with.

Davina sighed and turned started to turn her attention away when something caught it. She turned back and narrowed her eyes searching through the crowd for what had caught her eye, finally she spotted it. A man in all black was moving through the crowd rather quickly, that in itself had not grabbed her, what had though was the that the man was bleeding.

In the bat of an eye she leapt from her perch and down to the floor. If any humans had seen her, it simply would have seemed like she was there one second and gone the next as she followed the man from the building. He moved through the large alley that was the location for her club towards the main street some distance away.

Davina continued to stalk him, keeping to the shadows and moving with incredible speed. The man was human of that she had no doubts, every being whether human or Cian as a personal scent but under that is the scent of their kind. Humans for example have a chemical smell, like that of a hospital that comes out through the person’s own personal smell in hints.

The man was excited about whatever he had just done and the blood that she had smelt earlier on him was not from any wound on his own body. His boots made loud claps on the pavement as he moved along with an occasional drip from the blood running down his arm. Davina waited until he was on the main street that the alley branched off of, here street lights were located, but most of them were broken out as the Docks were the roughest area of town.

When the man turned down another alley Davina sped up before him making sure to bang the light to draw his attention behind. So that when he turned back forward he started because he she was before him. In the blink of an eye her arm shot out and she took his fragile throat into her hand lifting him easily from the ground.

His fear filled her like a drug and her wolven eyes glowed with excitement. He clawed at her hand but to no effect. She tilted her head slightly to the side as she looked up at him. “Perhaps you care to explain to me why you are covered in the blood of my brethren?” She asked in smooth tones.

“I ain’t saying shit!” He groaned out.

Davina raised one slender brow. “Really?” Her grip tightened.

He began to struggle for air and started trying to nod. “O-okay!”

She loosened her grip to allow him to talk without too much strain. “Why?” She prompted.

“Because the people I work for sent me down here, to test out a new weapon of theirs. I-its suppose to work on freaks like you.”

Davina narrowed her eyes. “And these people you work for, they know about freaks like me?”

The man nodded his head. “Yeah they told me all about you guys, said this new bullet would take out the Shifters.”

“What new bullet?”

“It’s filled with liquid silver, burns straight through them before they can heal. It made a terrible mess though.”

Davina tightened her grip. “Where are these people?” She demanded as her anger was slowly starting to rise.

“N-no way! They will kill me!” He gasped as he tried again to loosen her grip.

“And so will I if you don’t. At least they are likely to show you some mercy, I can assure you I will make it very very painful.” She growled.

“I-I don’t know! They met me down here, up two blocks, an old fishing plant down by the water.” He began to sob. “P-please I told you, I have kids to feed!”

Davina knew from his scent that he was lying, and she was well within her rights to end his life. He had killed in her turf, but she had said she would let him go so she dropped him and turned and started to walk away. However the cocking of a gun gained her attention and moved out of the path of the bullet that was fired.

She was upon him before he knew what happed and with her clawed hands she ripped his throat from him, spraying herself with the warm blood. His throat filled with blood making an sickening gurgling as she turned and proceeded on to the location he had given her. It was most likely not where they actually operated but she might be able to find some clues and a scent.

Davina entered her apartment two hours before the sun was to rise and threw her keys on the table near by. She may own a club in the Docks, but she owned an entire apartment building down town that housed people of Cian and Human nations alike. The two top floors made up her home, it was large and spacious and she loved it. She did not like anyone to know how rich she was so she did not flaunt it, but she did spoil herself where her personal den was concerned.

It had its own personal elevator that allowed her access to all floors and went down to the second basement which was home to all her own vehicles. She took pride in the building, it was well kept and clean and everyone was respectful which was how she liked it.

She saw the red light on her answering machine blinking and went over to it. The voice recording announced that she had one new message. She hit the button and began going through the mail as a silky female voice came on.

“Hey, it’s Lana. My party is tomorrow night and I have still had no word from you. Are you going to make me come there and drag your butt here? Must I remind you of all the parties you dragged me to during the London Season all the years back?”

Davina laughed and shook her head. “No.” She said to the machine.

“Anyway, I had better get a call back saying you will be here or I am kicking your wolf ass all over the place. Love you!”

Davina erased the message, she was going but she liked Lana’s cute little threats. They had been friends since Davina had saw her at her first London Season back in the beginning of the 1800’s. She was a striking blonde, with big ice blue eyes who had been shy of all the young bucks fighting for her attention. Davina had saved the girl and they had become fast friends, but three months later when Davina had gone to Alana’s house she was not there and signs of trouble had been evident.

Davina had tracked her down and killed the vampire that was feasting on her, but the change had already started in Alana. Davina didn’t know that much about vampires but she knew someone who did and she had taken her dearest friend to him. They together had brought Alana into the world of the Cian and she had remained closed to Davina ever since.

Her thoughts strayed to the Him though and she shook her head. He had created Davina and saved her on more then one occasion, but he was not going to be happy about her killing a human again. Even though it was warranted…this time. She again shook her head and decided she needed a very hot shower before falling into bed until the sunset.

The sun was well down and Davina had all ready awoken and fed, bathed and prepared herself for the party. She turned to and fro in the full length mirror admiring the work one of the girl’s who lived down stairs had done.

Half of her long crimson locks were pulled up and looped about with tiny black roses doting them. The rest was left to fall freely past her waist in lose curls, her bangs were curled and a few stray pieces had been left to frame her face. Her makeup was done in a shimmering shadow effect and made her emerald eyes stand out.

This was set off by the black cocktail dress she wore that criss-crossed over her breasts before going to the opposite hip leaving her stomach and side bare with a low sweeping back. Two slits from hem to hip showed off her long shapely legs which matched with the plat formed spike heels she was wearing that wrapped up her legs to her knees. A single diamond bracelet adorned each wrist matching the dangling ones from her ears, it was a perfect look.

She went down the stairs and had just grabbed her shawl and purse there was a pounding at her door. She smiled as she casually went and opened the door, her friend burst through filling the room with her irritation.

“How dare you just be lazing about! You are getting dressed and going to that party I don’t care if I have to drag-” She stopped as she saw Davina leaning against the wall with her arms folded across her breasts. “Oh, well then…the car is ready.” She said with a bright smile.

“Mmhmm.” Was all Davina said before shaking her head at her friend before leading the way down the short hall to the elevator.

“Well in my defense I haven’t heard from you and figured you wouldn’t be showing.” Lana said.

“I like making you wait, it is more fun.” Davina said with a smile.

“Sometimes Vina you are a very cruel person.” She sniffed.

“You love me and you know it.”

“That has yet to be proven.” Lana said as she crossed her arms and turned her back to her friend.

Davina laughed and hugged her friend. “Come now, let’s go have fun. I bet you out did yourself.”

This made Lana smile and turned to her friend. “Oh yes I did! I can’t wait, tonight is going to be so much fun!” She exclaimed as they climbed into the awaiting limo.

Ten minutes later they arrived and went up to the ball room that Alana had rented for the great party. A dance floor was present as were tables for relaxing and a fully stocked bar complete with two very handsome bartenders. The decorations were white lights strung about with white flower garlands. The room was all ready filling with Telgar’s rich elite, which meant most were human.

“It looks wonderful Lana.” Davina said upon entering.

“I know! Come on, let’s go get a drink.” Alana said as she grabbed Davina’s head and dragged her through the people to the bar.

Davina received her drink and turned to watch some of the couples dancing to the music on the wooden dance floor. There were glass doors open to the summer air onto a terrace where some people were chatting softly.

“Is this all?” She asked Alana.

Alana scoffed, “Of course not. It is still early.”

A delicate brunette walked up with a raven haired woman about the same size. Both looked up at Davina who was six feet without the heels and well over it with the four inch spikes. Davina was used to the effect her height had on smaller women and simply gave a soft smile as the brunette turned to Alana.

“Alana darling, this is going to be quite a night. I truly love your parties.” She said in over sweet tones.

“Thank you Janice.” Alana turned to the side so she could see both Davina and the two. “This is my best friend Davina, Davina this is Janice and her cousin Marissa.”

Both women turned their attention back to the goliath of a woman, she was beautiful of that there was no doubt. But Janice didn’t think the woman should ware such heels, it just wasn’t in good fashion sense to be so tall.

Janice nodded her head. “A pleasure I am sure.”

Davina could smell the dislike coming from the woman and found it amusing. She smirked down at the woman. “I’m sure.” She turned to Alana then, “Alana my dear, will you excuse me? I think I see Brian.”

With that Davina left Alana to the two humans and made her way over to very striking men that had just entered.. Both wore white silk shirts under black vests with black slacks. But one had a blue tie to match his sapphire eyes and the other dark gray to match his silver eyes.

“Hello boys, I was wondering if you would show.” She said as she came forward and took their offered hands. “I have missed you.”

Brian, the one with chocolate hair and blue eyes smiled radiantly. “Vina love, such a sight.”

Dylan the one with black hair and silver eyes nodded his agreement. “You truly are a rare gem.”

Davina smiled up at them both, they were both of the Shifter nation but felines both and quite madly in love with one another. They like Alana knew who she truly was and were some of her closest friends. “Thank you both, and it again ever the ones to break the ladies hearts.”

“You flatter us.” Brian said.

“It is you who flatters me.” She said as she turned and each one took one of her hands through their arms.

“There is no flattery, only truth.” Dylan said.

Davina laughed, a musical and sensual sound. “I do love the both of you. You always know how to make a girl feel special.” The three of them laughed as the continued through the people.

Arthur looked about the room; his acquaintance and business partner Jacob, had received the invitation to attend this evenings party and had insisted that Arthur come along. Since Jacob was the closest thing he had to a friend he had given in. He had decided you could use a little time out and besides he was looking for a new source of entertainment.

Then something caught his attention and he found himself watching the most stunning creature he had ever seen walking through the room on the arms of two handsome men. She was laughing at something the black haired one had said and it carried to him like a siren’s call.

He turned to Jacob who stood beside him. “Who is that?” He asked.

Jacob turned his attention to the person of interest and gave a knowing smile. “Ah, that would be Davina St.Clair. She is best friend to our hostess if memory serves right, she is a beauty though isn’t she?”

Arthur’s attention had gone back to the crimson haired beauty, she was now standing with the men and a blonde. All of them seemed to be close friends and were discussing something among them. But then the woman met his stare and his breath caught, she had the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen.

They kept each other’s attention for some time before the blonde said something that brought the woman’s attention back to her with a smile. Arthur was about to walk over there when he was suddenly stopped by two small women who obviously knew Jacob and was forced to stay and meet them. When he looked back the woman was no longer in the group and he searched the thickening crowd for any sight of her.

He finally saw her heading outside and he excused himself. He was stopped several times by acquaintances and his mounting frustration was showing in his steel blue eyes as he finally made it to the doors. He was saw one couple in the corner and then he found her standing at the other far corner.

She was staring up at the sky, her red hair stirring with the gentle breeze that came and then left. He made his way up to her and joined her side a hand on the marble railing and looking up with her. You could not see much stars with the city lights, but you could see some along with the thin crescent moon.

“It is a beautiful night.” He said.

“Yes, it is.” She replied.

Her voice was smooth and exotic as she spoke and it sent a shiver through his body. “Though I imagine it is better outside the city.” He added.

She nodded her head once. “I would have to agree with you.”

“Forgive me for intruding, but I wanted to introduce myself. I am Arthur Moore.” He said with a slight bow.

She turned to him then and he found himself lost in her eyes once more, up close they were even more beautiful. She gave a soft smile. “Davina St.Clair.” She replied.

He took her hand and placed a soft kiss upon her knuckles. Her skin was soft against his lips and he could smell her perfume. It was different scent, it reminded him of a roses and the night. “A pleasure Mrs. St. Clair.”

She smiled at him as he rose to his full height which was a good two inches taller then she with the heels. “Always a clever move that.” She said.

“I beg pardon?” He asked with a raised brow.

She laughed, a sounds that sent another shiver through him. “Men always say Mrs, to figure out if a woman is married or not. And though it is clever the woman may simply be seeing someone and would not have the title Mrs so would still answer with Ms.”

Arthur laughed softly. “I see you not only have beauty, but brains as well. All right my dear, are you attached to someone?”

She smiled brilliantly up at him. “No, I am not. So I am Ms. St. Clair, but please call me Davina.”

He smiled, “Then I insist that you call me Arthur.”

She nodded. “Very well, so what brings you here tonight Arthur?”

He turned back to the sky as he spoke. “A friend dragged me here. He said it was time start getting out more.”

She turned back as well. “My friend is the hostess, so I as well had little say.”

He turned to her then. “Would you care for a drink?”

Davina turned to him and nodded. “All right.”

He offered his arm and she placed her hand through it before his placed his other over her hand. He could not help but notice that she was rather warm, but then it was a rather warm night. “What do you do for a living?” He asked her.

“I do many things really. Mainly I invest.” She replied and then looked up him. “And you?”

“I own Truth Industries.” He answered.

“The Truth Industries?” Davina asked accepting the wine that he handed her.

He chuckled. “Yes, the Truth Industries.”

“Why I am quite flattered to be in the company of such a fine business man.” She smiled.

“It is I who is flattered, to be in the company of such a beautiful woman.” He said returning the smile.

Davina smiled, “You are too kind.” She said.

“No, only truthful.”

Davina looked up into his silvery-blue eyes with a smile before taking a sip of the rich wine. He was indeed a good looking man, with brilliant hazel eyes with more green then brown and a smile that lit up his entire face. He had a strong jaw and fine sculpted lips that kept drawing her attention. His hair was in a shorter fashion but was still thick and wavy. From the black silk shirt and pants he wore she could tell he was in good shape and he had sparked her interest.

“Would you care to dance?” She asked.

He gave a crooked smile, “Aren’t I suppose to ask you?”

“Perhaps that is how some women prefer it. But I prefer to take matters into my own hands instead of waiting for others.” She replied as she set the empty glass down.

“You are a woman after my own heart Davina.” He said taking her hand in his after setting down his own glass.

She let him lead her out onto the floor before spinning her into his arms. She placed her free hand upon his chest while his other one settled on the low part of her back, his skin touching her sent a quiver through her. She looked up into his eyes as he began to lead her with amazing grace, it matched her own and she was delighted.

Their bodies touched briefly in intimate places as he moved her in his own slow and sensual version of a tango. Davina found herself becoming rather aroused and used all her will to keep her eyes from shifting, or her claws and fangs from growing. This man was raw sex appeal and power and the wolf within liked him very much.

“You are grace itself my dear.” He said in a voice just above a whisper.

“As are you.” She replied and then caught her breath as he dipped her back, his breath blowing over her exposed stomach as his fingers trailed lightly in the valley between her breasts before pulling her back up into his embrace and spun her so that her backside was against him in their movements.

“Do you think your friend would mind terribly if I steal you?” He asked in her ear.

She closed her eyes briefly in bliss before replying. “She might have my hide, but I am willing to pay the price if you are?”

He laughed huskily as he turned her around catching her left thigh in his hand as it came up on his hip in the end of the dance. Cheers and applauds followed their performance but he could care less. “A woman such as you is worth the price.”

Davina stood and turned to lead him away but stopped short as something hit her like a wall. She winced and brought a hand up to her brow as the sensation faded some. Arthur asked her if she was all right and she nodded.

“Yes, why don’t you go let your friend know you are leaving and I shall seek my own out?”

He nodded. “All right I shall meet you by the doors.”

Davina nodded before her gaze scanned the people present, then she spotted him. He was in the back in the shadows, his eyes were locked with hers and though his face remained blank she sensed his anger as well as smelt it.

She ground her teeth and turned her attention from him quite intent on ignoring him as she made her way to retrieve her shawl and purse. But as she turned with her things she turned and ran right into a solid wall of pissed.

“Hello love.” She said in dry tones.

“Do not hello me, Davina. It is time for you to leave.” He said in his dark cool tones.

“Yes, with that very handsome human. If you would excuse me.” She made to go around him but was hit with the invisible wall once more. She flinched under the strength of it and turned on him. “You are trying my patience Kern.” She growled.

“As you are mine. You are leaving with me not the human, we have matters to discuss.” He said taking her arm in his iron grip.

“And it is so important it cannot wait until tomorrow?”

“No.” Was his only answer.

She sighed, unable to deny his will and let him lead her from the room. Once they were down stairs she climbed into a limo and waited for him to join her, when he did not she grew angrier. “Get in!” She demanded.

He did so, but not of any fear of her. He did not like vehicles and never had, not when he could get any where by running and going much faster then the human death traps. But if it got the fiery woman beside him to her home without incident he would do it.

Arthur had come to the front doors but found no sign of Davina, he looked around and asked but no one had seen her. Finally he sighed, giving up the search and decided to still leave the party. He was certain he had not imagined the desire between them, but what reason would she just have for leaving? He had her name though and that was something.
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Wolf's Moon book 1 in the Cian series
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