The ancient race of the Cian is suddenly faced with its greatest threat...Arthur Moore. A war is coming and a choice must be made...for the beauty of the night, or the greed of humanity?
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 Jones, Ithica

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Ithica Jones

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PostSubject: Jones, Ithica   Sat May 15, 2010 5:22 pm


Smokes a pack a day, wait,
That's me, but anyway
She doesn't care a thing
About that hey,
She thinks I'm beautiful
Meet Virginia

She never comprimises,
Loves babies and surprises,
wears high heels when
she exercises
Ain't that beautuiful
Meet Virginia

      alias : Emily
      age : thirteen
      experience : two
      other characters : none
      contacts : PM
      anything else? : nothing
      sample : Jamie headed down the sweeping lawns with a bit of toast in her hands, but she was sure she would be eating. Jamie was rarely scared but today she was downright terrified. Last game she had failed miserably and the cup was riding on this one. There was no room for mistakes now. She was at the doorway. She stood there a moment breathing deeply before entering the Ravenclaw locker rooms. She smiled when she was the first one there. Last game she had been the last. Last game she had also been a chaser. This would be her first game as a beater. Another fear of hers. Contemplating her issues she sat down on a bench and waited for her team-mates

      full name : Ithica, Maiden, Jones
      nicknames : Ith, Ick, Jo
      age : twenty-one
      birthday : July 23, 2008
      orientation : strait
      group : human
      canon or original? : origonal

      height : five two
      weight : one hundred and twenty pounds
      body : skinny and slender
      eyes : dark brown
      hair : dark brown, strait, shoulder length
      distinguishing features : none
      fashion sense : modern, creative, girlish
      play-by : Hanna Beth Merjos

      likes :
      - Smoking
      - Surprises
      - Being Skinny
      - Toying with Boys Feelings
      - Hot guys
      - Hooking up
      - Motorcycles
      - Power
      - Being angry
      - Fire
      - Rain storms
      - Lightning (and thunder)

      dislikes :
      - School
      - People telling her what to do
      - The cops
      - Anyone 'better' than her
      - Anyone 'smarter' than her
      - Being invisable
      - Reading (especially nonfiction)
      - Death
      - Being beaten up
      - Organized sports
      - Authority

      strengths :
      - Toying with Boys Feelings
      - Going Un-noticed
      - Charming people
      - Conning people
      - Independent
      - Lying

      weaknesses :
      - Her hot temper
      - Being loyal
      - Persevering when something is difficult
      - Fights even when she is not supposed to
      - Hard to gain her trust

      fears :
      - Meeting her father
      - Becoming a vampire
      - Commitment to a relationship

      overall :
      Ithica Jones wrote:
      Ithica is 100% human. She is ruled by her emotions and craves power and the people who have it. Instead of violence like the rest of her race Ithica uses sex and her attractive appearance to gain that power. Without knowing it inside she craves a filling life, true love, and great friends. Read her partly completed app to get a sense of her. Let me know if you wish to plot.

      mother : Jenna Morris, no employment, 37
      father : unknown
      siblings : N/A
      other : N/A
      birthplace : the city of Telgar
      significant other : Not yet discovered
      pets : N/A
      overall : (at least 3 well-constructed paragraphs)

this application template was made by r o s e ! of caution two point oh; lyrics are from “lips like morphine” by kill hannah; do not remove this credit, thank you.
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Jones, Ithica
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